Dear Guests
Welcome to Ocean Beach Unit 2.  We are a family resort community; please observe the following to make your stay more enjoyable:

  1. Please help us to keep a safe and clean community- 10MPH on all OB2 streets.  WE LOVE OUR KIDS!  There is no street parking.  Extra parking is available only for vehicles with OBYC parking permits at the bay point or the marina near Railroad Way.  Daily parking passes are available at the clubhouse for a $10.00 per day fee.
  2. Unnecessary noise is prohibited between 11:00PM and 8:00AM.
  3. Badges must be worn by all persons over 12 years of age.  If you are having guests, additional badges may be purchased from the badge checker at the beach entrances.
  4. Lifeguards are on duty 9:00AM – 5:30PM at the ocean.  Please swim between the green flags.  The bay beach lifeguard is on duty between 10:00AM – 5:00PM daily.
  5. NO smoking on the beach – this is a state law.
  6. No pets are allowed by guest members (people renting).
  7. There is no sport/ ball-playing or kite flying on the street at any time or on the beaches during bathing hours except in designated areas.
  8. Surfboards or motorized watercrafts are prohibited on beaches during beach hours.
  9. Picnicking (eating lunch), alcoholic beverages, glass, cans, coolers, animals, or fires of any kind are not permitted on the club’s beachesYou may leave your coolers under the benches located at the east side of the dune and enjoy your food there. Ice cream that is purchased or a light snack, such as a piece of fruit, nuts, chips, etc, will be permitted. Please do not let your children walk around with food, seagulls are very aggressive and may try to snatch the food and bite a finger. Only individual non-alcoholic beverages in approved containers are allowed on beach. Please dispose of garbage in the receptacle or take it home with you.
  10. There is no camping or loitering on club property between midnight and 6:00AM except for surf fishing.
  11. There is no fishing on the ocean beach during bathing hours.  There is no fishing or crabbing at any time in the bay beach area.  Crabbing and fishing are allowed at any time at the clubhouse dock area.
  12. Fireworks are not permitted.

Please be mindful of the safety measures so that we can all have a safe and happy vacation!